Orthopedic Pillow, Orthopedic Cushion, to relief the apnea


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Sleeping Twisted with a pillow, under your head, deforms your spine during all your life!
Sleeping Twisted with a pillow, under your head, deforms your spine during all your life!
Snoring reduces the oxygen in the Blood and Brain: reducing your mental power and life time!

When sleeping the head, the neck and the body must keep the same positions as when you walk!
The head needs to be elevated above the surface of the bed only when a human sleeps turned to the left side or to the right side!

In fact, when you sleep with your belly up, you don't need anything under your head!

This pillow is an authorised invention patent. You even can adjust the Height to your needs!


Each Pillow is supplied with a very easy to use illustrated Manual.

The Pillow Lifetime Warranty is activated only after the registration of the Pillow LIC!

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The Fantastic Transition from the Homo Gibbus Incurvatus ( Hunchback ) to the NEW Homo Sapiens Sapiens Erectus just started in August 2007!

Dr. Fortunato Da COSTA
The Inventor Dr. Fortunato Da COSTA.

He is a well known International Information Technology Expert, with more than 18 years of experience in the technology fields.

As an Inventor he has Invention Patents registred in Canada, United States of America, Australia, European Union, ...

He truly believes that the Human Civilization does not know how to sleep.

Since you born until you die, you are deforming your spine throughout your life: it all begins precisely, on the cradle, when your mother puts a small pillow under your head for you to sleep with your belly up.

Homo Gibbus Incurvatus ( Hunchback Marrecus )
Homo Gibbus Incurvatus ( Hunchback Marrecus )

To sleep represents one third of your life, this means that to sleep with the belly up with one cushion under your head for more than 20 years, if you are lucky enough to live 60, does impose a continuous deformation in your spine that will cause a degradation during all your life time.

And the ridiculous of the situation happens because during the other two thirds of your life, you keep doing an enormous effort to stay as much erected and vertical as you can while you walk or sit down. Because Hunchback is something that nobody wants to be labelled with.

On the other side, since you born until you die, many of you already hunchbacked by two or three cushions under your heads while sleeping with the belly up, you snore and have serious apnea problems ( breathing interruptions while sleeping ).

Unfortunately, the majority of Human Kind does not know that:

    1. To snore reduces the Oxygen in the blood and in the brain while you sleep!

    2. To snore reduces your mental capabilities!

    3. To snore is the fastest way for you to be really old!

Well then, the Inventor Dr. Fortunato Da COSTA, patented a Method and an Apparatus, the Anti Snore or Anti Apnea Pillow / Cushion, that teaches you how to sleep correctly and relieves the problems of snoring and apnea. Because it allows you to keep, while you sleep, the relative positions of the head, body and members that you have when you are stand up.

This Pillow / Cushion is already Patented, by us, Worldwide, with the objective to help and teach Humans in how to sleep correctly.

This is a Registered Invention Patent fully protected by Intellectual Property Rights. Any illegal copy is an infraction sanctionable by the Law.

Thank you for your kind attention.
With all our Best Regards.

Dr. Fortunato Da COSTA
( General Manager )

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